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Apple's Vision Pro - Redefining Accessibility for Disabilities

Apple's Vision Pro Gestures
Apple's Vision Pro Gestures

The Apple Vision Pro comes with a hefty price tag and, as expensive as it may be, it is still a very niche product today given that immersive technology has not matured.

While I agree that this will not yet be a mainstream product, I disagree with some comments that claimed, “It is a product created looking for a problem.”

A product needs to be seen from many different perspectives. And I believe the Vision Pro will help a lot of people with disabilities to find their way back in life.

Apple is well known for having paid great attention to accessibility features, and the Vision Pro is no exception. The fluid gestures, together with the device, made a very good first impression among tech reviewers.

It is indeed easy to make remarks about a newly launched product for a niche set of target audiences, but let us embrace how immersive technology can help the less fortunate as well. Only when the technology beings to mature should we expect to see a new revelation in spatial computing.